Monday, 8 June 2009

Ooo what a lovely break...

Had a wonderful time up in Scotland last week, the weather couldn't have been better.

The hotel was fabulous and the food great.

We went out to Largs on the Tuesday and spent the day watching the ferries crossing over to the islands then went for a walk along the coast.

There is the most wonderful icecream place there and we ordered the Clyde Coast Extravaganza and 2 spoons, it was to die for - 12 different scoops of ice-cream and 18 toppings, needless to say we could hardly move afterwards.

It was so nice to spend some time just Dave and me together.

Friday, 29 May 2009

altered bag

My friend Sheila who runs our local craft club gave me a gift in this hessian bag, I decided to dress it up ising puffy paints, beads, ribbons and yarns.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

great night out

Had a brilliant time last night, I took bug to a summer party night at Whittakers and we loved every minute of it.
There was a huge buffet and dinks lots of gifts, goody bags, make overs, demos and music with competitions and free draws.
We won lots of goodies including perfumes lipsticks powders, bags and all sorts of other things.
We both had our hair done and make-up but didn't get round to having our nails done so maybe we will head straight for the nail bar next time.
So all in all we had a great time and it was only £3-00 each for the tickets well worth it.
And as compensation Dave took Liam to the cinema so he was happy too.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Typical bank holiday....

Oh me and my bright ideas, it was a beautiful day yesterday the sun was shining (unusual for a bank holiday) so I decided to take Liam and Ploppy to Southport for the day (Bug was out with a friend) then Dave finished work early and he came along too.
We did very well we got almost to Ormskirk then yes you guessed it we hit the traffic queue, after an hour we decided to turn around and go to Formby instead, we got almost there and yes of course we hit another long, long queue so after a bit of deliberation we turned round again.
This time we stopped of at the supermarket and I had the idea of going home and having a barbecue, well by this time there was virtually nothing barbecuey left on the shelves, but we got what we could.
So home we went and set it up, put on the music and yes you guessed - it started to rain, but undetered we carried on barbecuing and after a while the rain stopped so it wasn't so bad after all.
Dave says next time I have any bright ideas just forget them and I have to agree.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

A lovely day...

Well on Thursday I had a wonderful day.
It started off pretty boring I couldn't even be bothered getting out of my dressing gown, so I went onto facebook for a chat with my old school pal who I had managed to find a couple of days earlier.
We chatted for a while and then I had this great idea of going to see her, now that's fine you might say but let me tell you that she was stunned - firstly we hadn't seen or spoken to each other for nearly thirty years and secondly she lives nearly 70 miles away.
So me being as impulsive as ever jumped into the car and off I went, I am so glad I did as it was lovely to see her again after all these years (even though I didn't recognise her at first - she said I looked just the same, just a bit older)
We met in a pub and had a few drinks (soft drinks of course) while we chatted about old times and caught up on each others lives.
I loved every minute and am so glad I went, I can't wait to go down again.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Rustic Range - stile

Well here is my newest addition to the rustic range, as usual you are free to download this image and use (subject to copyrights)
As usual I would love to see your creations using my images.

Raining.... AGAIN.....

Oh when will it stop, and it's cold, I have had to dig out my jumpers and coats again.
Yestarday I went along to a local craft show and met up with alot of friends, did lots of browsing and just a little bit of shopping (trying to save the pennies)
I simply couldn't resist the Nick Bantock inks for just £2-00 each - I usually pay near £6-00 so that was a bargain, and I got a couple of stamps.
We had Ploppy for the afternoon he had dinner with us (gone in seconds - boy he loves his food) then I gave him a lovely haircut all spikey on top and a bath to wash the hair away.
We just love him to bits he is sooo cute.
Todat I have done a bit of updating on facebook and watched a couple of taped craft shows and noe I am going to go off and do the dreaded HW.
See you soon Luv Irene xx

Thursday, 7 May 2009

SAV challenge card

Here is my card for the new SAV challenge, which is circles.
I used a Sarah Kay stamp which I watercoloured.
I tore the corner paper and mounted onto card, then used a cropadile to punch and eyelet some holes then tied ribbon through.
The papers are from K and Co and I finished off with orange gems and flowers.
To see the challenge or take part please go to

Altered tub

I altered this plastic tub at craft club last night, orange and greed are some of my favourite colours at the moment.
I will use it to keep my felt flowers in that I make.

Watch out for more as I am off into town soon to buy a lot of these tubs...

Friday, 1 May 2009

Creative Inspirations challenge card

Hello on this lovely day sunny and breezy (ideal for drying washing...)

Here is my card for the latest Creative Inspirations challenge.

The challenge is to make a card following the given sketch.

I used Stampavie's Sarah Kay stamp which I watercoloured using pink, purple and blue (with a dash of yellow)

I cut the corners with a fancy corner punch and inked the card with colourbox chalks.

The backing papers are inked with colourbox chalks and layered onto silver mirri and pink cardstock.

To finish off I added some purple gems and blue and white glitter.

I hope you like it.

To see the challenge or to take part just follow the link below.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Creative Inspirations challenge card

Here is my card for the creative inspirations challenge.
I had to use a recipe of 4 flowers 3 papers and 2 buttons.
To see the challenge please go to


I have had earache for a couple of days now and it is driving me mad, as you would expect it has now affected my other ear my neck, head and teeth, so I just feel sore everywhere and I can't find the eardrops anywhere.
I really want to do some crafting as after tomorrow Dave is off work for a week so I won't be able to do any then, but I really don't feel up to it at the moment.
Oh well I suppose I can just go and watch some craft programmes that I have taped - maybe that will cheer me up and take my mind off my ear.
Love Irene

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Blimey what a busy week....

Well I don't seem to have stopped this week..

thursday Dave had a day off work so we went to Southport, we had a lovely stroll around and then went into the Alexandria Hotel for afternoon tea - well it was far more than we expected and definatly well worth the £7-95 per person.

To start we were brought a silver teapot full of lovely tea along with a tray of assorted sandwiches and salad dressing, after that we were brought more tea and two plates - one with scones and strawberries (along with jam and cream) and the other with two of the largest slices of jam and cream cakes that I have ever seen, again with strawberries.

Well Dave just about managed to finish all his but I am afraid I rather struggled, but even so it was a lovely day out.

Saturday I went to the QVC outlet store and managed to get a few things then I had to take Liam for his bus pass, then he needed dropping at his friend's as they were going to the cinema, from there I went to my friend Sheila's and spent a couple of hours gossiping (as you do...)

then I had to dash home and pick up Boodles to drop her off at Bolton cinema where she was meeting friends.

Sunday I had a fabulous day at the Aintree craft show (thanks for the ticket Sheila) I did a few workshops and strolled around at my leisure and of course I bought a few things - well you have to don't you?

Yesterday I took Liam and Boodles to the cinema to see an advance screening of Coraline 3D and I have to say that I really enjoyed it, if you get the chance to watch it please go .

Well I have also been making a few cards for competitions - not that I hold out much hope of winning but it's the taking part that counts.

Oh well best go and sort tea out as the minions will be home soon and hungry.

Until later then. Hugs

Monday, 27 April 2009

Debbies blog candy

Debbie has lots of wonderful candy on her blog, just follow the link here to see - you have until 30th April, and while you are there take a look around her lovely blog.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Rustic range

Well it's time for another of my images .

This time it is another in my rustic range and it is the signpost.

I deliberatly left the sign blank so that you can add a picture or text.

Please feel free to download and use this image in your work, you may resize it or colour it but please remember it is my work.

Please feel free to link to a picture of your finished work I would love to see it (use the linky below to post to your pics- using my artwork somewhere on your finished productonly please any others will be removed.)

Stampavie challenge 2

Well here is my card for the 2nd Stampvie challenge.
I water coloured the image and used Nestabilities to cut out, then layered up at angles.
I used Paper cellar rafia and rafia lace down the left side and to make the top bow (to give a country feel to the card)
Then I drew and cut out a swirl which I layered onto a slightly larger card swirl then inked the edge with colourbox chalk.
The three green gems in the corner add a bit of sparkle.
To view other entries or to enter yourself click here to go to the Stampavie blog.

Feeling frumpy...

Well I feel fat and frumpy today and really under the weather.
It started yesterday, I woke up and felt as if I had gained 2 stone overnight, nothing fits and nothing feels right - yes you guessed good old water retention. My back aches like you wouldn't believe and I feel as if I have been kicked in the ribs.
I had my hair cut last week by a trainee and I don't like it at all (even though everyone else does) and to top it all I have developed a cold, it's a pain trying to craft when your nose keeps running!!!!
I know I will feel better in a couple of days BUT I WANT TO FEEL BETTER NOW!!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bev's blog candy- closed

Bev is givingaway some fantastic candy over on her blog (all the things I love)

why not pop over and take a look.

And while there have a browse around her blog, you won't regret it, just follow the link below.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Susie's blog candy - closed

Susie is giving away 3 prizes as her blog candy, to celebrate the opening of her new online shop.

Here is a piccy of her 1st prize, to see the other two and find out how to be in with a chance of winning just follow the link.

Rustic range

Here is the first in my rustic range.
Please feel free to download and use.
And yes I would love to see your creations please feel free to link below.

Ooops sorry I forgot to say......

watch out for my blog candy coming soon....

Ahh Sunday again

I love it Church in the morning, the smell of Sunday roast,the sun shining, a glass or two of wine (or three or four) and a relax and do nothing - much.
Well ok there is ironing, hoovering, washing, etc etc but we won't mention those.
Tomorrow I am off up to Preston for some much needed craft supplies (alright well I think I need them)
And wahay Dave is booking some holidays off work so that we can spend some time together, and yes I promise to book my doctors appointment tomorrow Dave (really I will this time!!!)

Friday, 17 April 2009

Egg hunt

I hid easter eggs all around the house and garden each with clues to the main prize, they were all sent off in different directions.
There was lots of running around and laughter until Boodles finally emerged triumphant from the garage.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Vikki's blog candy

Vikki is giving away some scrummy blog candy so why not follow the link and you could be in with a chance of winning.

You have until 30th April to link.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Blogoversary candy - CLOSED

Carole is giving away some ravishing candy over on her blog Stardust gems and ribbon.

Why not pop over before it closes on 14th April - there's still time and good luck.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happy Easter

Well it is Easter weekend and it looks like the weather will not be too bad.
Have been doing a bit of crafting and alot of shopping the last few days.
Tomorrow I will take the children to a local craft fair and then we can have the usual treasure hunt and maybe an easter quiz, the children enjoy that.
I haven't really bought the children easter eggs this year I decided to get them gifts instead (well maybe just one egg each)
I have just heard some sad news as my friend Sheila's husbands Grandma has died and they are so sad I do feel for them, so my best wishes go to Sheila and Richard in this difficult time xx
Tommorrow I will try and post pics of the youngsters Easter antics.
Bye till then.

Friday, 10 April 2009


This ia an A4 backing paper with a mix of colours.
Please feel free to use it in your crafting.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cuttlebug -CLOSED

Melissa has some amazing candy up for grabs on her blog - crafting from the heart.

You best get over there now as it ends on Good Friday (10th April)

Good luck to all.

Mssy Rabbit Stamps - CLOSED

Jacqui's blog - Cat's Whiskers, is nearly at it's first anniversary and to celebrate she is offering some lovely blog candy, it is the range of Messy Rabbit stamps from Joanna Sheen
Why not pop over and take a peek.

Elephant fun

Hello again and welcome to my designs.
Here are my first images (elephant fun).
Please feel free to use them, you may reduce or enlarge them and colour them.
I would love to hear what you think of them and
see your finished work.

Multi-swirls 1

Hello and welcome to the first page of my new designs.
Today I am publishing my multi coloured background swirls, I hope you like it as it is the first of many.
Please feel free to make use of it.
If you would like to link to work you have done with my designs I would be most happy.
Luv Irene

IM Designs copyright

Hi there, welcome to a new area of my blog.
Please feel free to download and print my papers and images which will be under the label of IM Designs. You may use the designs for your personal use and to make up to 100 cards or items to sell but may not change them or use them commercially or pass them as your own creation.
Please look back regularly for new designs.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Stampavie challenge card

Well here is my entry for the Stampavie challenge.
The hard part was deciding which of their lovely stamps to use (they are just gorgeous)
I only discovered these wonderful stamps at a show last week so I am new to them but I must say that I have fallen in love.
I decided on a Rachelle Anne Miller Lily and Milo stamp and Versafine black ink which I coloured in with Cosmic shimmer waterpaints.
I layered the image onto gold mirri and Core-dinations which I sanded.
For the background I used Cosmo cricket card and more core-dinations.
Along the top I secured Paper Cellar rafia and Anita's ribbons, then topped the card off with felt flowers and buttons.
If you fancy a go at this challenge and would like to win some yummy prizes from Stampavie here is the link, and good luck to all who enter...

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Fun Oriental card

I used the new Choko stamp range from Craft work cards then colored in with Sakura pens. The girl image has been decoupaged to give it some depth, which I then matted and layered onto black card and red holographic card. I then finished off with some scraps of oriental paper and three domes.
Simple but effective.