Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Typical bank holiday....

Oh me and my bright ideas, it was a beautiful day yesterday the sun was shining (unusual for a bank holiday) so I decided to take Liam and Ploppy to Southport for the day (Bug was out with a friend) then Dave finished work early and he came along too.
We did very well we got almost to Ormskirk then yes you guessed it we hit the traffic queue, after an hour we decided to turn around and go to Formby instead, we got almost there and yes of course we hit another long, long queue so after a bit of deliberation we turned round again.
This time we stopped of at the supermarket and I had the idea of going home and having a barbecue, well by this time there was virtually nothing barbecuey left on the shelves, but we got what we could.
So home we went and set it up, put on the music and yes you guessed - it started to rain, but undetered we carried on barbecuing and after a while the rain stopped so it wasn't so bad after all.
Dave says next time I have any bright ideas just forget them and I have to agree.

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