Monday, 18 May 2009

Raining.... AGAIN.....

Oh when will it stop, and it's cold, I have had to dig out my jumpers and coats again.
Yestarday I went along to a local craft show and met up with alot of friends, did lots of browsing and just a little bit of shopping (trying to save the pennies)
I simply couldn't resist the Nick Bantock inks for just £2-00 each - I usually pay near £6-00 so that was a bargain, and I got a couple of stamps.
We had Ploppy for the afternoon he had dinner with us (gone in seconds - boy he loves his food) then I gave him a lovely haircut all spikey on top and a bath to wash the hair away.
We just love him to bits he is sooo cute.
Todat I have done a bit of updating on facebook and watched a couple of taped craft shows and noe I am going to go off and do the dreaded HW.
See you soon Luv Irene xx

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