Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Blimey what a busy week....

Well I don't seem to have stopped this week..

thursday Dave had a day off work so we went to Southport, we had a lovely stroll around and then went into the Alexandria Hotel for afternoon tea - well it was far more than we expected and definatly well worth the £7-95 per person.

To start we were brought a silver teapot full of lovely tea along with a tray of assorted sandwiches and salad dressing, after that we were brought more tea and two plates - one with scones and strawberries (along with jam and cream) and the other with two of the largest slices of jam and cream cakes that I have ever seen, again with strawberries.

Well Dave just about managed to finish all his but I am afraid I rather struggled, but even so it was a lovely day out.

Saturday I went to the QVC outlet store and managed to get a few things then I had to take Liam for his bus pass, then he needed dropping at his friend's as they were going to the cinema, from there I went to my friend Sheila's and spent a couple of hours gossiping (as you do...)

then I had to dash home and pick up Boodles to drop her off at Bolton cinema where she was meeting friends.

Sunday I had a fabulous day at the Aintree craft show (thanks for the ticket Sheila) I did a few workshops and strolled around at my leisure and of course I bought a few things - well you have to don't you?

Yesterday I took Liam and Boodles to the cinema to see an advance screening of Coraline 3D and I have to say that I really enjoyed it, if you get the chance to watch it please go .

Well I have also been making a few cards for competitions - not that I hold out much hope of winning but it's the taking part that counts.

Oh well best go and sort tea out as the minions will be home soon and hungry.

Until later then. Hugs

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