Friday, 20 March 2009

I was worried for a while.....

I had a message left for me yesterday - the head of my daughter's school needed to talk to her Dad and me.
Well as you can imagine all sorts of thoughts were swimming round in my head, was she ill, had she not turned up, had something happened to her etc. etc.
It turns out that he wanted to congratulate us for having such a hard working, polite, helpful, well spoken, and intelligent daughter.
He said that her work was perfect, her manners impeccable and all the teachers had only good things to say about her and she was a credit to the school.
He was so pleased as it was such a change from having to tell parents that their child was misbehaving or under achieving and that she had helped his belief that their is hope for the younger generation yet.
We are so proud we could burst.

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Dazie said...

Well done to your daughter and to you, she is a credit to your hard work as parents!!!

Fancy a swap lol my 3 are a nightmare I think the head knows thier names for different reasons lol

Dazie xx